"Our backyard is so inviting. I find myself spending every spare minute I have back there! I can not even imagine how great it will look once the trees are in. Thanks for the excellent job you have done."

- V.B

"It was a gorgeous sunny day in early October, 2002 when Koby's began work on our 'dream' pond. For years my husband and I had scoured gardening and pond books for a water feature that suited our country property, as well as our wildlife needs.

When our pond was completed in the following spring, it was more beautiful than we ever imagined! The Kobayashi's have a natural gift of selecting and arranging the rocks to look like it has been there for years.

When visitors see this piece of artwork, the natural beauty and the sounds of the babbling brook and waterfalls stun them. Over the years, our pond system has been maintained and upgraded by Koby's, who have been an excellent company to deal with. They stand by their work and the gift they have given us is priceless. Thank you Koby's for a 'dream' come true!"

- H.E

"In May 2008 Koby's began a difficult task of planning and installing a large Allen Block retaining wall, concrete patio, shrub beds and a few other yard projects. They were here approx. a month, and displayed; consistency, excellent work habits, courteous, knowledgeable, eager to supply a quality product and cleaned up all messes incurred from the project.

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your employees for installing our Allen Block retaining wall, shrub bed, concrete stone patio and a few other projects around our yard. You did a fantastic job and worked hard to create a lovely outdoor living space for us. You have restored our faith in "landscapers".

Many of our neighbors are also very impressed with the work done in our yard by your company. One of our neighbors hired your company to do some work for them when they saw what a lovely job you were doing with our yard."

- R.R. and E. L.

"On behalf of Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association I would like to sincerely thank you for your generosity and kind donation. Your support is greatly appreciated."

- Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association

"What a fabulous job you did on the trees."

- D. Ralph

"Yards very neat after good pruning labour. Thank You"

- Betty H.

"Thanks to Jack and his crew for doing such a thorough and speedy job of getting are yard back in shape this spring. Exceptional service. Thank you."

- B. English

"Many thanks for everyone's hard work and the head start on the summer."

- R. Winkler

"Thank you for your efforts in fixing our underground watering system. It was such a pleasure to have Rob drop by and instantly assess the problems, and then get right to work and fix them. What a valuable employee you have with Rob, a complete professional. He is know fully familiar with our system, and has assured us that it will be working properly. He has also agreed that he can contact him if we have further difficulties.

Thank you once again, Denji, for doing this for us."

- A. McLaren

"Dear Hiro and Denji It was very nice to return from Vancouver and discover the planted Mums. I am grateful you replaced the plants you removed in error. You have been very professional about rectifying your mistake, and I am very appreciative. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! With thanks.

Yours sincerely "

- Peggy G